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Sophos: Network, Enduser, and Server Protection

With an impressive line of security products, Sophos has solutions for any size business as well as protection for home users. Visit the Sophos page on this site for more information.

Instructions to connect your UTM to Microsoft Azure's dynamic routing gateway are here!

Keep Your Computer Healthy

The cooling features of a computer are designed to remove heat generated by the processor, GPU, and a few other components. If the ambient temperature inside the computer remains too high, the life of temperature-sensitive components may be shortened. Extreme temperatures may also slow the computer's processing speed or cause crashes and data loss.

Solid-State Drives

Solid-State Drives have no moving parts, are more reliable, and generate little or no heat. They have such a positive effect on overall performance, they should be seriously considered as an alternative or an addition to a hard drive. Startup times are reduced and notebook battery life is extended by a solid-state drive compared to a hard drive.

Memory Affects Performance

When an operating system like Windows uses up all available memory, it moves data back and forth from memory to the drive so it can continue to operate. This causes you to wait for the computer to perform a task as simple as starting Microsoft Word or opening a large document. Having enough memory can almost completely eliminate these wait times.